(This is a worksheet for the March Pender Post article about PICA)

Pender Islands Conservancy Association's Webpage
A Tour

PICA's roots go back to its incorporation under the Societies Act on January 19, 1993. In 1995 Pender Islands residents celebrated the successful culmination of a fundraising campaign to save the marsh at Medicine Beach. PICA manages Medicine Beach on behalf of the Islands Trust Fund with covenants on the Sanctuary held by Nature Conservancy of Canada and Habitat Acquisition Trust.

Our webpage penderconservancy.org chronicles PICA's current environmental activities and acts as an archive. It is a good starting-place to find out more about what we do and who to contact, if you have been considering joining PICA & becoming involved with the protection and preservation of nature on the Penders. Our current column here in the Pender Post, as well as columns going back to November, 2011, may be found in the Pender Post archive page. Likewise, our Past Events page is a recent history dating back to October, 2012.

At the top of the home page, under our Brooks Point Pender Island Conservancy Association masthead, are more links to updates and current activities. If you have missed any Pender Post articles, you will find them here, dating back to November, 2011.

If you scroll down on the homepage you will find photographs of some Pender properties that PICA has helped owners put into protective covenants. Further down are the many Textures of Brooks Point which you can read about at the links on the top of the page. Non-profits & other environmental organizations we support come next.

You will find the following links to topics in the left column, under our PICA logo and the Donate Now button which allows you to update your membership easily from the home page. Annual membership fee is $10 for individuals, $15 for families. 

Forage Fish Monitoring
Hope Bay Salmon Stream
Purple Martin Recovery
CBC4Kids Christmas Bird Counts

Covenant Monitoring
Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary
Earth Day Beach Cleanup

Eelgrass Presence on Pender Islands

Next is a “Become a Member” link to help you sign up to join PICA, if you haven't already. Visit (and LIKE) our Facebook page, for the most up-to-date information on our activities; just use the next link.

A series of Plastic links follows - have you have been wondering what the big fear is from this most insidious environmental threat, as well as ubiquitous modern product, made from petroleum?

Our last annual report and an 8 year archive of PICA past president Sylvia Pincott’s Pender Post and Naturescape articles brings us to the list of current PICA board members.

Then Invasive Species posters of the least-wanted here on the Penders and the Nature of David Manning, “Eagle-Man”, wildlife photos and notes from the American Southwest.  

End your tour of penderconservancy.org with a photographic visit to Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary and lastly to our page of links to environmental associations, local and national.

Use our Contact page link at the top, if you have questions, additions or suggestions, about the PICA website or for the board. Visit us at penderconservancy.org, soon.

Davy Rippner   Webmaster