CBC4Kids 2013 Christmas Bird Count


Thanks to photographers Hans Tammemagi and Hohn Heinonen

Getting started down the boardwalk.


Counting a robin, or is it a towhee?


Warm clothes, binoculars and bird lists - 
they must be doing a Christmas Bird Count!

Bird mentor with kids on the beach.

It is polite to point when it’s the Christmas Bird Count for Kids!


One, two, three Harlequins.

Binoculars, spotting scope and camera all help 
to bring the feathered friends closer.

Counting the sea birds from the bluffs.

Keeping warm with hot chocolate.

Lots of hot drinks and snacks to go around ...

… and cookies.

Bird identification sharing circle.

Bird games in the sunshine; searching for yarn worms.

Bird watching - always more fun with friends, 
always beautiful at Brooks Point.

Brooks Point - For Future Generations video
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