Connecting with other Gulf Islands

Inter-Gulf Island connections are important to us. We take part annually in Protecting Green Spaces workshops that are rotated between four Southern Gulf Islands.  In 2011 we also took part in a Shoreline Conservation workshop on Mayne Island.  This was followed by a planning session in 2012 towards a Shoreland Stewardship Program, which we plan to bring to Pender in partnership with our Local Trust Committee as part of the Islands Trust Green Shores initiative.

We are also members of the Mayne Island Integrated Water Systems Society.

Connecting for Conservation is another annual event that we look forward to, where conservation organizations of the Capital Regional District gather to share information, ideas, and inspiration.  It is always encouraging to see how many people are caring for conservation. 


Bowen Island Conservancy
Denman Conservancy Association
Mayne Island Conservancy Society
Galiano Conservancy Association
Gambier Island Conservancy
Gulf Islands Alliance
Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

Islands Trust
Islands Trust Fund
Natural Area Protection Tax Exemption Program
Pender Island in the Wikipedia
Salt Spring Island Conservancy
San Juan County Conservation District
San Juan Preservation Trust
Pender Island organizations
 origins of names of places.


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