Chronology of the Pender Islands Conservancy Association

1992-12-08  Inauguration with the first directors Karl Hamson, Jacquie Main, Andrea Spalding, Lynn Wells and Stephen Wright.

1993-12-18  Original constitution registered.

1993  Fundraising for Medicine Beach property initiated.

1995  Land for the Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary purchased and donated to the Islands Trust Fund Board.  PICA raised a total of $533,997 for this acquisition.  The Pender Island community contributed $267,000.  The Atkins family, former owners of the property, donated $127,000.  Two governmental bodies and two NGOs contributed $140,000.

1998-01-06  Constitution amended.

2000  A conservation covenant on the Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary was given to the Nature Conservancy of Canada and to the Habitat Acquisition Trust