PICA Completes Conservation Partner Funding Requirement
(December 2013) 

PICA launched a new fundraising campaign in April 2013 to raise the remaining $150,000 conservation partner funding requirement.  The focus of this campaign was on off-island donations through the new website and contributions from conservation partners.

Major conservation partner contributions from Poets Cove Resort and Spa, the Islands Trust Fund, Greenangels Woodchoppers, Habitat Acquisition Trust, Sea Star Estate Farm and Vineyard, and Environment Canada Provided over two-thirds of the additional requirement.

The remaining funds were provided by two generous legacy donations, individual donations and PICA’s fundraising events in 2013.

PICA will now focus its efforts on completing the covenant to protect the new acquisition and educating park visitors on protecting the sensitive ecosystems that make this regional park a special place for future generations. 

Pender Islands Conservancy Association (PICA) Seeks Conservation Partner Support For Brooks Point (April 2013)

In November, 2010 the Capital Regional District of B.C., Canada (CRD) borrowed $1.65 million to acquire the prime waterfront property linking Brooks Point and Gowlland Point on Pender Island to complete Brooks Point Regional Park. The acquisition was conditional on community and conservation partners contributing one third of the acquisition cost. The CRD initially partnered with The Land Conservancy of BC (TLC) to assist with the funding and retained the option to resell the property to pay down the loan if necessary.

PICA led the Pender Islands community fundraising campaign and raised $152,000 toward the acquisition by September, 2012 with the goal of retaining the entire 2010 acquisition without subdivision or resale. However, as a result of financial difficulties, the TLC has been unable to contribute toward the principal of the loan, causing the CRD to further consider the option of reselling the connecting property.

In response to TLC’s financial difficulties, PICA proposed to raise an additional $150,000 by December, 2014 if the CRD would remove the resale option. At their March 13, 2013 meeting the CRD Board accepted PICA’s proposal and removed the resale option. PICA is now seeking funds from conservation partners and supporters to complete the funding requirement. PICA appreciates that TLC continues to pay the interest cost of the loan that comes due December 31, 2014.

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