2014 May 10 George Hill Park Broom Removal photos

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Our broom removal event in George Hill Park on Saturday, May 10 2014, was a success with 28 people helping. 

Approximately 40 volunteer hours went into cutting down broom in order to restore the native habitat. 

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For an hour while working we were spurred on by Sue Foote who hiked the trail wearing her full regalia and played the bagpipes for us.  We concentrated our efforts in three locations - around the junction of the two trails, near the lower bench, and at the very top of the hill.

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Whenever we needed a break, it was a pleasure to look around at the blue flowers of common Camas in bloom.  Some plants stood nearly waist-high and they were so abundant! The small group of chocolate lilies were fading, but more plants of the white death Camas appeared in the grasses than we’d seen the previous week. 

Relaxing over a lunch of sandwiches, fresh veggies, fruit and home-baked cookies, we were entertained by the Young Violins and their leader Denny Goertz.  The event wrapped up when we gave out door prizes of five broom removal kits (each included a pair of gloves, knee pads and a cutting tool) donated by Coastal Life Realty Ltd., Dockside Realty Ltd., Hope Bay Hair Salon, The Cafe at Hope Bay, and a gift basket from Southridge Country Farm Store.  

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Many thanks to the event supporters: Pender Island Parks & Recreation Commission, Pender Island Conservancy Association and Stanley Point Residents Association.  With special mention to David Howe and the Capital Regional District Grant in Aid Program which provided funding for the event.  We invite you to hike George Hill and enjoy the improved views and native vegetation growing in the park.  Looking forward to seeing you at our annual broom bash next May! 

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Photos by John Heinonen


Jackie Gill and Diane Swindell 
for Pender Island Field Naturalists