Archive of Sylvia Pincott’s Pender Post
& Naturescape articles

Sylvia wrote informative and inspired articles for the Abbotsford Times Naturescape column for over a decade and for the Pender Post from 2004 to 2012.  Those articles are archived here for your reading pleasure.  They are as fresh as they were a decade ago.  I’m gradually adding photos (see note below) to these pages.  Click on the year to be taken to that page.

2004  Spring migration, seabird survival, wildlife trees, pollinators, pollinator gardens, spiders, December birdwatching

2005  Feeders & perches, varied thrush & hummer, small wonders, bats, galls, native plants, looking closely, hidden treasures, galls, fairies in the garden, hedgerows, thickets

2006  Salish sea atlas, kinglets, seabirds, grossbeaks & nesting, nesting time, nature’s services, blessings of bats, butterflies, subterranean insects, heron rescue, wildlife trees, Frazier estuary

2007  What’s in a name, birds in winter, luminescence, returning migrant, guide to galls, birder’s bug book, Port Moody salute, nesting time, humming birds & nest boxes, reptiles, spiders, swallows, woodpeckers, eagles, feeder cleanliness, missing chickadees

2008  Barred owl, Christmas bird count, hedgerows, native plants, climate change, end of nesting season, small space, hunting wasps, covenants

2009  City composting, loss of words, food - soil to supper, hummingbirds, biodiversity, Pender community hall, red crossbills, Townsend’s big-eared bats, metamorphosis

2010  Birds in winter, spring, Scott islands, Earth day, Batty returns, forage fish, lawns, purple martins, seasons, fairies, covenants, Christmas bird count

2011  Collective nouns, tracks & signs, hummingbirds, riparian life, barn swallows, leaves

2012  What’s in a name?, backyard bird count, spider silk, pipes, events of spring, Batty returns again

While some of the photographs in these articles were taken by the author, most are thanks to Bruce Klassen of Mission, B. C.

In the early 1990's, Bruce and wife Eileen purchased a forested five-acre property in Mission, with plans to landscape it as a city lot.

Fortunately, in the nick of time, Bruce heard the Backyard Habitat / Naturescape message of Caring for Wildlife Habitat at Home, which encouraged him to look more closely at the life on his land (much to Eileen's relief!).  Marveling at what he discovered, particularly with the tiny creatures, he was challenged to take up photography to record their multitudes, all dependent upon this undisturbed land as their habitat home.  His marvelous photographs provided a perfect record for Naturescape presentations and publications.  From the smallest of subjects, his photography extended to birds and other larger life, which has since led to wonderful support of conservation in many directions.

His much-noted comment since is, “I almost destroyed it!”  We are thankful that he didn’t!

Sylvia Pincott
May, 2015