2014 Potluck

PICA held its annual potluck dinner February 7th in the Pender Anglican church parish Hall.  

Our speaker, David Boyd, is one of Canada’s leading environmental lawyers, an adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University, and an adviser on environmental policy to governments in Canada and Sweden.  He is also an international expert on human rights and the environment, assisting countries from Iceland to Tunisia in securing constitutional protection for the right to a healthy environment.  His current research focuses on the effects of enshrining the constitutional right to live in a healthy environment, a right now recognized in at least 100 nations.  

“In a world besieged by bad news about the state of the planet, almost everyone is thirsty for good news, for stories that inspire hope about the future.  Pessimism breeds apathy and despair, whereas optimism fuels action and progress.  As Winston Churchill wrote,” The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.  The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.”  To be sure, modern society faces substantial environmental challenges, but these are far from insurmountable, as our surprising track record of success demonstrates.”  David Boyd 

David Boyd, ‘The Optimistic Environmentalist’, encouraged us with his talk about how the actions of environmentalists have changed and are changing our world for the better.  

An audio recording of the presentation may be downloaded here

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Photos of the event may be viewed here.

This is a short video from the David Suzuki foundation:

There were questions asked about the health effects of wind energy after David’s presentation; David refers to this recent synthesis of the evidence by Canadian scientists.