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Proposal introduced for a multi-modal
bypass trail of Einar’s Hill

The CRD and the Southern Gulf Islands Economic Development Commission have prepared a draft cycling and pedestrian trail plan.   Part of the plan involves a "Demonstration Trail", the Einar's Hill bypass proposal.  This proposal would see a multi-modal trail through a portion of the Gulf Island National Park Reserve.  Other trails are being planned for the Park. 

Follow the link above to see more photos of the proposed route of the "Demonstration Trail”.

PICA is of the opinion that safe cycling and walking is a priority issue on the Pender Islands.  The major emphasis must be placed upon the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to significantly improve the safety of the road system on the Islands for both pedestrians and cyclists.  This can be accomplished by important fundamental improvements to the roadside verges so that walkers and cyclists are no longer at the mercy of traffic on the winding and hilly roads and are able to move off the roadway in the presence of traffic.  Currently the verges are rough and uncleared and in many places there is a significant drop-down from the road bed which is a major hazard to cyclists.

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Creating multi-use trails (up to 4 metres (13 feet) wide - Experience the Southern Gulf Islands CRD Cycling and Pedestrian Trail Plan) through ecologically sensitive areas has a high ecological impact, particularly if allowed to pass through already protected parkland, because of the necessity for clearing and trail-bed construction. Because of the hilly terrain, many areas cleared for trails would have to be much wider to allow for levelling of slopes.  Walking trails through such areas have a much lower ecological footprint because of the lack of need for tree removal and minimal brush clearing. In specific circumstances, walking trails through protected areas are acceptable from a conservation point of view.

Woodwinds sign


Medicine Beach cove

Forage Fish Spawning on Pender Islands Confirmed
January 10 - Marine biologist Ramona de Graaf processed
samples for her study of 
forage fish spawning.
Medicine Beach tested
positive for winter smelt;
Mortimer Spit tested
positive for Pacific sand lance.

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Brooks Point headlands

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