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2017 PICA Annual Report

iNaturalist Training – June 1

iNaturalist is a citizen science project and online social network of naturalists, citizen scientists, and biologists built on the concept of mapping and sharing observations of biodiversity across the globe.

In preparation for the BioBlitz scheduled for June 9 and 10 Parks Canada has scheduled a training session in the use of iNaturalist which is going to be used to record all of the species observed during the event.   The training is open to all those who plan to take part in the BioBlitz and will be conducted by Athena George and Madeline Emery of Parks Canada.  It will be held on June 1 from
3:30 to 4:30. Those interested in attending should e-mail Bob Vergette at bvergette@shaw.ca for location and details.

Saturday June 3  1:30 pm   Pender Community Hall
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Jenna & John with the legendary “message in a bottle”
found on a Pender beach

Photos  from our 2017 Earth Day events

IMG 2807

Dianne & Ellen illustrate length of Pender bullfrog   Photos

IMG 2795

Invasive Bullfrogs on Pender Island Parks Canada presentation Saturday May 6
Speakers Michelle Paleczny,,Tara Sharma
Parks Canada GINPR
 Resource Conservation.
Rylee Murray PhD candidate.  Stan Orchard in rear.

IMG 2778


Invasive American Bullfrog - rana catesbeiana
Invasives Wanted Dead -  By Graham Boffey

IMG 2494

On March 17 arborist Rob Maxwell cut down an old friend, an ancient Medicine Beach arbutus whose exposed roots from recent saturating rains indicated that it was a danger to hikers on the trail. 
We we'll all miss it.
 Photos here

IMG 2579



The Salmon are Back!
Bowen Island, Howe Sound
 A documentary video by Bob Turner

2016 AGM Agenda and Reports with photos
Photos from our 2016 Earth Day Beach Cleanup

Pender Islands Covenants


Medicine Beach marsh 

pica stuff 017

Woodwinds Covenant

medicine beach 008
covenants 028
covenants 043
covenants 013
covenants 006

Purple Martin Recovery Program

Bring Back the Bluebirds


The Winter
edition of the
Islands Trust
The Heron

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view from the Medicine Beach parking lot

Medicine Beach Covenant

the trail though the woods

PICA has added two doggy-pots to the Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary, one near the parking lot, and the other on the trail from Aldridge Road.  Please use them.  There are also new signs marking trails.  Help us protect this conservation covenant by staying on the marked trails.  PHOTOS


Entrance to Brooks Point trail
from Gowland Point road on South Pender Island


Chocolate Lily at Brooks Point

The textures of Brooks Point

DSC 5126
IMG 0945
IMG 2183
IMG 3327
IMG 0966
IMG 0939
IMG 3308
IMG 0641
P1020510 (1)
IMG 0930
IMG 0836
IMG 2191
IMG 0971
IMG 0949
IMG 0914
DSC 0667
IMG 0712-Panorama (1)


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