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Celebrating Orca

of the Salish Sea

Mark your calendars!

July 18, 2015 – Main Event: Thieves Bay

Pender Island 1:30 pm

See poster with full details here


May 6 - a big win for wild salmon

Thank you to the Ecojustice team
Savannah Carr-Wilson, Lara Tessaro, Margot Venton, Morgan Blakley, Dyna Tuytle

Read about it here

.Vancouver oil spill threat to spawning smelt embyros
Vancouver oil spill threat 
to spawning smelt embyros

bc-oil-smelt28nw1 (1)

Marine Biologist Ramona de Graaf sifts through spawning gravel for surf smelt embryos in the Saanich Inlet on Tuesday. Embryos die naturally, so to determine what mortality might be due to the spill she is comparing samples from contaminated and non-contaminated beaches.  April 29    Read story here

Hope Bay Salmon - jan222015 013

PICA’s Salmon Committee members place chum eggs in Hope Bay estuary

Forage Fish Monitoring at Shark Cove


Economic Costs & Benefits of the
Trans Mountain Expansion Project
for BC & Metro Vancouver

"Left unchecked, climate change will increase the likelihood of severe,
pervasive and irreversible impacts for people and ecosystems.”
November, 2014

New Genetically Engineered Tree
To Avoid Federal Oversight Completely

Purple Martin Recovery Program

Bring Back the Bluebirds

The Winter
edition of the
Islands Trust
The Heron

view from the Medicine Beach parking lot
the trail though the woods

PICA has added two doggy-pots to the Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary, one near the parking lot, and the other on the trail from Aldridge Road.  Please use them.  There are also new signs marking trails.  Help us protect this conservation covenant by staying on the marked trails.  PHOTOS


Entrance to Brooks Point trail
from Gowland Point road on South Pender Island


Spring 2015 Chocolate Lily at Brooks Point

The textures of Brooks Point

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